Defend Wisconsin

Notice: After several years of fighting, we finally got our domain back. Our domain was stolen by a marketing company. We've now secured the domain and Defend Wisconsin is back in action!

What is Defend Wisconsin?

Defend Wisconsin is a project of the Teaching Assistants’ Association (TAA) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Through education and advocacy, the TAA strives to promote progressive values in the Wisconsin tradition. We are committed to preserving the rights of all citizens by helping to uphold the Wisconsin labor, education, and healthcare systems that have served as models for states across the country. We are also committed to supporting fair and democratic processes in state and local governments.

The TAA is a volunteer-run organization representing nearly 3,000 graduate employees at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The oldest graduate employee union in the world, the TAA began organizing in 1966. For more information, visit

How can you help?

Road Trippers Needed to Wassau Area

Road trips will be leaving every day from the Madison Labor Temple (1602 South Park Street) at 9AM starting Saturday 12/31 until the end of the circulation period on January 14th (except on Sunday 1/1). Once you arrive in the Wausau area, you’ll meet up with other volunteers and staff to help collect signatures. Most signature gathering will primarily be done by going door to door for a three hour shift. This puts return time to Madison somewhere between 6PM – 7PM. Sign Up HERE.

Since she was elected, Senator Galloway has marched in lock step with Governor Walker, calling the bill to repeal collective bargaining rights “a big plus for the state” (Cap Times 12/19/2011). With Governor Walker, she voted to cut millions of dollars in school aide from her district and even more for the state. And under her and Governor Walker’s watch,the unemployment rate has continued to rise for both her district and the state as a whole.

Data Entry Volunteer Personel Needed

The Madison area has an urgent need for volunteers who would like to spend some time doing critical data entry for the Recall effort.Volunteers will be keying petition signers information into a web-based system. Signature collection is still the first priority, but for those who might like to participate in another way, please help out with this important project.

Come to the AFSCME Offices at 8033 Excelsior Drive, Madison. From the Beltline, exit on exit #253 West onto Old Sauk Road. Take the next right on Excelsior. The building is on the left side of the road (it is in the first block). Parking is free. There is a limited number of computers available to use, so please bring in a laptop if you have one available. Please sign up for shifts over the next few weeks. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first shift to allow time to for orientation.

In addition, you can help process the huge amount of data at the Democratic Party office on 110 King St in Madison or at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin east side office, located at 330 E Wilson St in Madison and West Office, located at 6602 Normandy Lane in Madison.

Defend Wisconsin Protest

Show your protest videos!

Please visit to join the project of crafting the people’s story of labor demonstrations in Madison and around the country. This YouTube channel is a collection of video testimonials and footage uploaded by people who are participating in these Budget Repair Bill protests.

Our project has two key goals to supplement the larger movement against this kind of legislation and the thinking behind it. First, we are interrupting mainstream narratives by showing the media and general public who we are as protesters and why we are protesting. If you are in Madison taking action against this union-busting bill, please take a few moments to shoot your own testimonial video about why you are supporting the effort on the streets and email the link to We also accept video footage (edited and raw) from these events.

Second, we designed our forum to show solidarity with activists across the country and the world. Therefore, if you are in other states or countries, please send us your supporting videos to be posted in our national and international playlists. Eventually, we hope to link movements around the United States to develop the same type of online forum in their area. If you are in Indiana, Ohio, or elsewhere, contact us to develop WethePeople(Your State Here) sister sites and let’s mobilize together!

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